Reduced to Bribery

I know parents should have to bribe their kids to do ANYthing, but that’s what we’ve been reduced to because it WORKS. You know how giving CootieBoy medicine is akin to giving a cat medicine? Well, the “mad dad” or “mad mom” looks aren’t working anymore. Nor is pinning him down and forcing the medicine down his throat. Denis found a granulated Mucinex that worked though – I called it Pop Rocks and he took it the first few times. But then he figured out that it was medicine and refused it. So this morning, because his cough was pretty active, we opted to give him liquid medicine. 1/2 a teaspoon is all he needed, and yet he acted as though we were forcing him to swallow a whole half gallon. “Will you take it if CootieGirl takes it?” I asked him, to his immediately positive response. I gave CootieGirl an 1/8 of a teaspoon, which she gladly sucked out of the syringe. I loaded up a 1/2 teaspoon and he attempted to flee the scene. After trying the “mad dad” thing, and the pinning him down thing, neither of which were working, I opted for bribery. “Do you want Pop Rocks?” I asked him. He nodded, so I went and got the packet of REAL Pop Rocks. I help up the syringe in one hand and the Pop Rocks in the other so he could see them. “You get these,” (shaking the Pop Rocks), “after you take THIS,” (shaking the syringe). Shocker of shocks – he opened his mouth and eagerly sucked down the medicine with nary a complaint. As promised, I laid out 5-6 little Pop Rocks in the palm of my hand, which he scooped up with a smile. That little bugger.

It Finally Clicked

CootieBoy finally realizes that if he just calms down and takes his medicine it’s over a lot quicker. Last night I didn’t have to pin down CootieBoy at all to get him to take his penicillin. In fact, after very mild protest (hands over mouth), I said, “CootieBoy, be good!” and he moved his hands and opened his mouth. In ten seconds he was done and I gave him a huge hug and a lot of praise for taking his medicine so nicely. This morning he ran away when he saw the dropper of pink fluid, but quickly came around and politely opened his mouth and drank it all down. YAY for no more scratching, pinching, screaming, mouth clamped shut YOU HAVE TO TAKE YOUR MEDICINE sessions!!

Not Every Day Can Be a Boo Coo Day*

I’ve mentioned before that CootieBoy hates taking medicine. Even when it tastes like candy. He can’t STAND it and I know he is scarred for life against taking meds because he keeps having to take them. He has a mild ear infection and a bad cough, so the doc prescribed antibotic and a cough supressent. Not one, but TWO medicines. Where’s the guy that I read about many years ago who patented a way to put children’s prescription medicines into a cotton candy form so that kids would happily eat their medicine? Where is Mary Poppins when you need her with her spoonful of sugar. Oh wait – that’s right. The medicine tastes like candy now – we don’t need no stinkin’ Mary Poppins. Or do we? Last night and this morning we had to forceably pin CootieBoy down, plug up his nose (so that he was forced to open his mouth to breathe), pry open his mouth when aforementioned nose-plugging didn’t work, jam in a huge syringe filled with medicine, and attempt to force him to swallow as opposed to spit it all out. Much like giving a cat a bath, with scratch marks included. Last night I lost my patience after Denis and I wrestled with him for a good ten minutes with no success other than a nice pink stain on the carpet from the medicine which he kept spitting out. I swatted his diapered butt and yelled, “Take your medicine!” like Nurse Ratchet and Joan Crawford rolled into one. It freaked him out enough that on the second syringe he dutifully swallowed it down and then lurch into his daddy’s arms to get away from me. Nice. This morning I hoped it would go much more smoothly given the theatrics of last night. Not so. Apparently CootieBoy wanted a rematch. And this time he won because after ten minutes of wrestling, most of the medicine ended up NOT going in his mouth and I was late for work and didn’t want to deal with it anymore. Anyone got a fully-clawed cat that needs a bath? I’ll trade ya. *Boo Coo Day is how CootieBoy says, “Blue’s Clues Day” which is part of the theme song for his favorite tv show.

The Poor Boy, Part Deux

So Friday night was rough, with me getting no sleep. Fortunately Saturday was better and Denis and I were able to grab some shuteye pretty easily. But most of yesterday CootieBoy was sick as a dog – high fever, lots of crying and irritability, earache, and runny nose. Fortunately no more puking, which made me happy. Yesterday was the LONGEST DAY EVER. Seriously – it dragged on and on despite all my efforts to speed it up (read: sleeping until 11:30 a.m.). Last night CootieBoy went to bed at 7 p.m. and was pretty much fussy all night. Finally at something like 4 a.m. he was up for good and crying hard, with no consolation. He wants a pillow, he doesn’t a pillow. He wants a blanket, no not THAT blanket. He wants to sleep in our bed, he doesn’t want to sleep at all. Just over and over he’d change his mind, unable to express what he really wanted – which was relief. Finally at 6 a.m. he settled down after we gave him more fever reducer medicine and I was able to get some sleep. At 7:30 a.m. CootieBoy climbed onto the bed and proceeded to attempt to PLAY with me. Jumping, laughing, climbing – he drove me insane. I finally set him on the floor and told him to go find Daddy and he promptly began screaming at the rejection. So I picked him back up. This time he realized I didn’t want to play and just laid down next to me for a few minutes before I had to get up for work. But he good mood quickly ended and by the time I had to leave for work (about 8:15-8:30 a.m.) he was back to miserable and in no mood. So he’s staying home with Daddy today while CootieGirl spends her day in daycare.

The Poor Boy

Well, CootieBoy is still sick. He had such a great day yesterday that we hoped the worst of it is over. Alas, he woke up early this morning with a sore ear, a fever and more snot than you can shake a stick at. So we gave him ear drops, fever reducer, a quick dip in the bathtub and he’s now cuddling with Denis on the sofa while watching “Boohbah”.

Oh, The Screaming

Well, CootieBoy’s cold seems to be getting better, but the folks at daycare noticed that his thumbnail had an infection. The owner recommended an at-home remedy involving baking soda being made into a paste and rubbed into the swollen infected area, then bandage up tightly and leave overnight. Um…that might work on an adult, but there’s no WAY that would work on a 16-month-old. So I went the other route – I drained the infection, put on some antibiotic ointment and slapped on a bandaid. Or at least, that was the intent. The draining went well – CootieBoy was in his highchair being diverted with Wheat Thins and Kix cereal. But once the straight pin went into the blister he became a Screaming Machine. I quickly drained it with a Kleenex and struggled to put on the ointment because CootieBoy was trying desperately to get his hand back. I ended up putting on about 10x the amount necessary, which meant that once the bandaid was on it came right off because his finger was all slicked up from the ointment. I cleaned it up a bit more and put on another bandaid, and he calmed down long enough to take a couple bites of yogurt and drink some juice. But then The Screaming started again. And wouldn’t stop. After flinging himself around in Denis’ arms for a while, I took him upstairs with the remainder of his juice bottle. I changed his diaper, all while The Screaming continued. His bandaid had come off again and he was refusing his bottle. After much struggling (and a couple well laid kicks from him into my stomach) I finally got a new bandaid on his finger, then promptly pinned him to the bed so that he couldn’t rip off the bandaid with his other hand. After more of the tantrum I finally let go of one of his hands to grab his bottle, which he immediately latching on to (no doubt he was parched from all The Screaming). At some point his eyes dropped shut like bricks, and I knew he was ready for bed. I picked him up and took him into his darkened room and cuddled with him while he drank his bottle with his good hand. The hand with the offending bandaid was being held as far away from his body as he could accomplish. Once the bottle was done his body slowly became limp, and after a few more minutes I picked him up and put him in the crib. Sadly, he woke up at 3:41 a.m. this morning, his diaper soaked through from all the juice. So we cleaned him up and hoped he’d fall asleep quickly in our bed (since his was also wet). An hour later he was still hoping to play with us. At that point I went into the kids’ room and stripped his bed, laid down a dry blanket and put him back in his crib. He passed out soon after, and so did we. Phew. Long night! Happily, his finger looks better this morning and doesn’t seem to be bothering him, so I think we did the right thing – short term pain for long term gain and all that.

He’s Sick

While on vacation the boy came down with a horrendous cold – snot and phlegm everywhere. While our arrival home was fantastic with CootieGirl, our arrival home with CootieBoy was painful. He fussed when we got home, but then went down for a three hour nap since he hadn’t slept well the night before. Upon waking up he proceeded to cry, shriek, weep, fuss and generally be miserable the entire time. He only cheered up when he snagged the crust of Denis’ slice of pizza and was allowed to happily chew away for an hour. When it was his bedtime he refused to go down. He rammed his head against the crib several times, flung himself around and basically tried his best to injure himself. I finally turned on the bedroom light and pulled out the crib bumpers and tied them inside the crib (we never used them because when he was an infant they were a potential hazard). But he continued to be unhappy. After 10 minutes of a hard “kick the side of the crib” tantrum I realized he was probably hungry/thirsty, so I got him a 4 oz bottle of milk. He sucked that down and then promptly cried for more. I gave him another 6 oz of milk and he finally passed out when that was done. Phew. It also didn’t help that his nose was running faster than Michael Johnson – snot was literally EVERYWHERE, so we ran the humidifier with Vicks VapoSteam to help him stay clear while he slept. It worked – he slept the entire night until 6:07 a.m.

Poor Little Guy

Something’s going on with CootieBoy tonight. For the past three hours he’s been crying and fussing and refusing to sleep longer than 10 minutes. I chalk it up to a combination of teething and really bad gas, which means it’ll be a miserable night. Good thing I took a two-hour nap today (although that was to catch up on my lack of sleep last night due to my husband’s worse-than-usual snoring and some stomach problems I had). But that’s neither here nor there. Right now Denis is cuddling him as he cries. There’s not much we can do for him for either ailment. The gas will end on it’s own and the teething will end when the teeth cut, which should be any day. But not tonight. I put some orajel on his gums and when I felt in his mouth I didn’t feel any molar nubs or anything. And CootieBoy was ticked with that orajel – he hates that stuff and let me know how upset he was. Update at 10:42 p.m.: He’s still fussing – Denis has had him in our bed for the past couple of hours and he’s crying even now even though he’s half-asleep.