CootieBoy’s Latest Doctor Appointment

Cross-posted from Cootiehog. You know it’s not going to be a good morning when you have to give your son a bath for the second day in a row because the diaper rash is so bad he won’t let you wipe his butt down. That’s what I got to do this morning. Then I had to attempt to clean up the bump on his butt, which started draining as I put on a new clean diaper. And then you know it’s not going to be a good doctor appointment when your son begins screaming the minute he sees the brightly colored waiting room because he remembers what happened last time he visited. Oh joy. Fortunately, within about 30 seconds of me signing in, CootieBoy was called back, saving the other waiting room folks from the histrionics. And he never really quieted down after that. Not when he got weighed (34 pounds, 50th percentile), or measured (36 inches tall, 25% percentile). Not when she looked in his ears, or his mouth. He did quiet down when she listened to his heart, and he enjoyed telling her about colors and shapes. But when she went to check his privates and the diaper rash and the bump, he FREAKED. Fortunately, the doc made quick work of draining the bump and we quickly got CootieBoy dressed again. He sat on my lap, hiccuping and repeatedly asking for CootieGirl or Daddy, or to go home. When I mentioned that CootieBoy rarely ate meat the doctor opted to do a blood culture to make sure that he isn’t anemic. She left the room and I managed to get CootieBoy completely calm and quiet. We were giggling over pictures of him on my cellphone when a nurse came in. He took one look at the bandaid in her hand and went ballistic again. She managed to prick his finger, but then she could get him to relax enough to put the dripping blood in the tiny container in her other hand. Two other nurses came in and between the three of us, we got him pinned down so that the blood nurse could finally get her sample and put a bandaid on his finger. But blood was EVERYWHERE. All over his shirt, our hands, etc. Just a mess. The nurses left, I wiped CootieBoy down, cleaned myself up as much as I could, and got him to wash himself at the sink. He was THRILLED when the door opened and the nurse said, “Okay, you can go!” He beamed and RAN from the room. *lol* We got two prescriptions for the bump to heal. I hope we don’t have to go back there until his 4 year appointment. I want him to stay away long enough that the horror of his last two visits disappears from his mind. Maybe I’ll take him there a couple times over the next year just to “hang out” – not for any actual appointment, but just to say hi to the nurses and doctors. Maybe having a few “non” visits will make him feel better about the place. Upon arriving at school he immediately asked for CootieGirl, who gave him a big hug. When they broke the hug CootieBoy said to her, “I feel better now, Vwee-ya.”

It Only Came Three Months Late

CootieBoy had his latest doctor appointment today. His 2nd birthday was back in August, but due to our move we just weren’t able to get him an appointment until today. He had an abundance of shots today since he hasn’t had an appointment in almost a year, including the flu shot. As for his measurements, he is doing well. He is 31 pounds, which is in the 73rd percentile for other boys that are 2 years 3 months old. He is 36 1/2 inches tall, which is in the 83rd percentile for other boys that are 2 years 3 months old. I still say he’s going to be the one stuck with the short gene whereas CootieGirl will probably be almost 6 feet tall (she’s in the 97th percentile for her height at her current age).

Face is Improving

I already tried posting the story about CootieBoy’s face and the computer messed up and I lost the post. NOT happy since it was a long involved story. But suffice to say that upon arrival in SC CootieBoy came down with impetigo, which is a bacterial infection that mainly affects the face. He ended up with about a dozen sores on his face due to the infection and we finally found an urgent care center in my healthcare plan that would take him and give him prescriptions. He’s been on the meds for about five days and his face is clearing up nicely. I figure by the end of this week he’ll be back to normal. I think it’s a miracle that CootieGirl didn’t get the same thing, given that it’s highly contagious and they’ve been in such close contact since we arrived in SC last week. In fact, I’m surprised that CootieBoy is the ONLY one that got it given our close quarters in the apartment. He’s adjusting well to being in SC, although his new favorite word is “No,” followed by a hit to the face. I’m not happy about that but I’m hoping it’s just the stress of the move and not something that will last for a long time during his terrible twos (which arrive in about three weeks).

Latest Stats

Today CootieBoy had his 18-month doctor checkup. He turned 18 months old on Saturday. My big boy! He is 27 pounds, which puts him in the 50-75th percentile. He is 32 3/4″ tall, which again is in the 50-70th percentile. So he’s an average boy. As for his speech, the doc said he might be a little bit behind but that it’s not that big a deal. Denis and I have noticed that in the past two weeks or so he has really started talking a lot, so we’re sure he’ll catch up eventually. He’s really trying to communicate with us now, whereas before he just made noises.

12-Month Dr Appt

Denis took CootieBoy to the doctor for his one-year checkup. His stats are in and he’s smackdab in the 50th percentile again. Weight: 22 lbs 11 oz. Height: 29 3/4 inches Denis said they also gave him a shot of something in his arm to test something, and that CootieBoy didn’t even shed one tear. We have to keep an eye on him and if a dime-sized red mark appears we have to take him back to the pediatrician.


CootieBoy had his 10-month checkup today with the pediatrician. He is now 21 lbs 2 oz, which is in the 50th percentile. He’s 29″ long – which is the 75th percentile. Makes sense because he looks HUGE, but it’s because he’s taller than the average baby. I was commenting to a woman at church that CootieBoy looks taller than her 18 month old – that’s no lie. My kids are MASSIVE. *lol*

Latest Stats

CootieBoy had his latest doctor appointment today, at 4 months of age. Here’s what Denis said: He did not like getting his shots. He cried for over ten minutes. CootieGirl usually just cries when she gets them, maybe for a minute. He is 14 lbs, 12 oz. up from 12 lbs. in the 50% bracket. He is 24 3/4 inches, in the 25-50% bracket. His head size is 41 cm. 10-25% in the normal range. [Ed. – man, my son has a tiny head.] He should get .8 cc of tylenol every 4 hours for the next 24 hrs. I gave it to Ms. Deby to give him when he wakes up. We’ll give it to him ever four hours after that. He can start on rice cereal tomorrow. He gets it for breakfast, one tsp. the first day mixed with formula. Two tsp the second day mixed with formula, until the seventh day. Then on the start of the next week we switch to a different type of cereal, oatmeal, the same thing for seven days, then we switch again, then one more time to the mixed cereal for the four week. [Ed. – I guess this is to determine if he has allergies to rice or oatmeal] Then in his fifth month he can start on “yellow” veggies for lunch, squash, sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, 3 days a week. More notes from me: This is a slightly different schedule than the ped. gave CootieGirl when she was four months old. I seem to recall she was allowed veggies everyday once she started on them. Either way, I’m thrilled that CootieBoy can have rice cereal now, especially since I was just lamenting that I wanted him to sleep better at night and that cereal would probably help with that!

CootieBoy’s First Shots

CootieBoy had a doctor appointment today for his latest checkup as well as his first round of shots. Denis took him, so I don’t know all the details, but I do know that he is 12 pounds even (up 2 lbs 16 oz from his one week appointment in late August). He’s in the 50th percentile at that weight. Denis couldn’t remember his height, so I may try and take that measurement on my own tonight and post it. He has a tiny head – it’s in the 25th percentile. That strikes me as funny. Denis said CootieBoy cried a lot when the shots were given, and has been fussy since then. I’m not surprised – CootieGirl was fussy with her shots as well, and chances are high he’ll sleep deep tonight because of those shots. I’ve updated CootieBoy’s statistics page, and I’ve decided to also keep track of his milestones. It’s one thing I wish I had done with CootieGirl – kept a list of when she did certain things for the first time. We were having a debate the other day about just when we started giving her the Level 3 Gerber baby food, and other than an entry in March 2004 about feeding her at a restaurant (which meant we were already giving her Level 3 food as well as “real” food) there’s no exact way to know when we started the Level 3 food. So for CootieBoy, the second child who will always feel he didn’t get all the “good stuff” like Miss First Born CootieGirl, for CootieBoy we will keep a milestones list showing how good and smart and talented he is in all his infantness.

First Doctor Appointment

So now the “doctor appointment” category is all about CootieBoy as opposed to me! Yesterday was his first appointment with the pediatrician. As Denis said in the previous post, he now weighs 9 lbs 1 oz. Yes, he gained 1 lb 2 oz since we left the hospital on August 21. Yes he’s on track to be a moose when he’s two. He also gained an inch while he was at it, so he pretty much looks the same. He rarely fusses – only when he’s hungry or cold. Even when he’s hungry his cry is pretty quiet so far – it takes him a while to get worked up. He’s still doing well at night with his five-hour runs before needing another bottle. I can’t wait until I wake up and the clock reads 6 a.m. instead of 5 a.m. Five a.m. is slightly annoying because I know that CootieGirl will be up in the next 90 minutes. So it’s not worth it to feed CootieBoy and then try and get back to sleep. But if he can sleep until 6 a.m. then I’ll probably start going in to wake up CootieGirl for her morning to begin at the same time. His belly button stub finally fell off this morning, so he just had his first real bath. He wasn’t too happy, but I think it was more because I had to fiddle around with his parts in order to get him clean. It’s amazing the crevices that baby boys have – girls are WAY easier to clean, imho.