Reduced to Bribery

I know parents should have to bribe their kids to do ANYthing, but that’s what we’ve been reduced to because it WORKS. You know how giving CootieBoy medicine is akin to giving a cat medicine? Well, the “mad dad” or “mad mom” looks aren’t working anymore. Nor is pinning him down and forcing the medicine down his throat. Denis found a granulated Mucinex that worked though – I called it Pop Rocks and he took it the first few times. But then he figured out that it was medicine and refused it. So this morning, because his cough was pretty active, we opted to give him liquid medicine. 1/2 a teaspoon is all he needed, and yet he acted as though we were forcing him to swallow a whole half gallon. “Will you take it if CootieGirl takes it?” I asked him, to his immediately positive response. I gave CootieGirl an 1/8 of a teaspoon, which she gladly sucked out of the syringe. I loaded up a 1/2 teaspoon and he attempted to flee the scene. After trying the “mad dad” thing, and the pinning him down thing, neither of which were working, I opted for bribery. “Do you want Pop Rocks?” I asked him. He nodded, so I went and got the packet of REAL Pop Rocks. I help up the syringe in one hand and the Pop Rocks in the other so he could see them. “You get these,” (shaking the Pop Rocks), “after you take THIS,” (shaking the syringe). Shocker of shocks – he opened his mouth and eagerly sucked down the medicine with nary a complaint. As promised, I laid out 5-6 little Pop Rocks in the palm of my hand, which he scooped up with a smile. That little bugger.

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