I can’t believe Cootieboy is eight years old. How did that happen? He’s in the other room right now, entertaining some friends. I let him have a sleepover last night with a few of his friends. In a couple hours our neighborhood pool will open and I’ll be taking them over there to swim until the parents come pick them up. Based on the various child behaviors from last night and this morning, this is what I’ve determined about Cootieboy. 1) He’s boisterous – and not in a bad way. He thrives on energy. Especially the energy of his friends. 2) He’s kind – this morning one of the kids was very upset about not getting Lucky Charms cereal for breakfast, so Cootieboy willingly gave up his own bowl for the other child and opted to have something else. Not every kid would do that. 3) He’s sweet – this morning when he woke up he came into the room where I sat, and just walked into my arms for a hug. He nestled into me while I quietly told him how precious he is to me, and when I was done telling the tale of his birth all those years ago, he whispered, “Thank you, Mama,” and gave me a kiss. 4) On the downside, he leans towards overreaction sometimes. He loves a good fight and sometimes goes too far. Hopefully that’s something he’ll bring under control soon (read: before puberty hits and throw his hormones out of wack). 5) He is cute. And I mean CUTE. The dimple, the shaggy blond hair, the freckles. He continues to get cuter each year and shows no signs of stopping. He may not be the tallest boy in his third grade class this year, but he just might be the cutest. 6) He’s smart. Sometimes he’s too smart for his own good, but for the most part he’s quick to learn and quick to understand. Having said all that, I feel pretty lucky to have this kid in my life.